Three easy ways to Display Art (without breaking the bank)


(without breaking the bank)


Photo ledge shelves are great for framed prints. 

These shelves are a great place to mix and match your art pieces.

 Create a whole shelf in varying sizes.

You can treat a photo ledge like a gallery wall, only I think it’s more fun since you can layer and create three dimensionality on your wall.

These shelves are from ikea. Click on the photo to see details.


I love the minimalistic look of magnetic frames. 

These hangers consist of two pieces of wood or metal about the width or a little longer than your piece of art.

You slip your art in-between the two pieces on either end of the hanger, and it’ll secure with magnets. 

This will not damage the print, in fact it will enable you to frame it in a traditional frame later, if you so desire, because it will not leave marks.


I love the simplicity of the wood blocks displays.

The print slot in the block protects your art from getting bumped or bent on a shelf by itself.

Make sure when you order a print block that the slot is wide enough to fit your art. If your print is matted or you want to display a stack of photos, you might need a wider print slot. 
(perfect for sizes up to 5x7.) 

Inexpensive and great looking! 


Local Shout Out


So for our anniversary, Chris and I decided to get a new table for our living room.

We could've gone to Ikea and picked out something, however we wanted it to be special. 

So we searched online for live edge wood and Nick's company showed up. We were able to drive out the next day to check it out.

The selection of pieces he had available boggled our mind. He answered all our questions on the different types of wood and showed us examples of a finished stained piece.

After choosing our favorite, he cut it down to the length we needed. 

He also offered to stain it for us, however we decided to take that on ourselves....we'll see if we made the right call soon enough. ;)

Nick's shop is located in Maple Ridge and you can check him out on instagram @backwoodsmillingco

We're so excited to get started on staining and adding the legs to this bad boy.


My Favorite Things

I know, this is supposed to be for "things", but I'm making an exception.

I have to gush over my husband.

Although we have only been married 2 years, we've been together for 18. Eloping to Belize and tying the knot on Feb 14, 2022 was the best decision....ever! 

Chris has been my ongoing sounding board for my art business, and I can't thank him enough.

He's also my muse, because he inspires me so. Some of the best ideas for my art pieces have come from this handsome man of mine.

So I just wanted to let him know that he is appreciated and loved. 

I mean the reason why we are buying a living room table is because he had to sacrifice our kitchen table for my art business.

Thank you for putting up with creative endeavors and eating your meals on TV trays ;)

Happy Anniversary, my Love.



Thanks for hanging out with me!  

I look forward to “seeing” you in the next newsletter.

Until then, stay safe, be kind to yourself and shop local when you can. 😊


Artfully Yours,






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