Spring Cleaning Anyone?

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Hello You!

Spring is almost here....and I am sooo ready to change it up a bit.

I don't know about you but I love this time of year. It gives me an excuse for renewal, changes, and generally just cleaning up. To take stock and reset.

So, I just got back from Belize (got married!), and I wanted to use one wall to showcase all the local art I brought back. (yes, it's a lot!)

So what better time to create a GALLERY WALL!

Move the old stuff off the wall and start fresh!

So from the basics to the details....here is what I've learned:

Some basics I have learned about hanging artwork in general:

-The Center of your gallery wall should be 60-66” from floor

-Keep spacing between artwork 2-3”

-Overall size of the gallery wall should be 2/3 the length of furniture below it.

-If the gallery wall is above furniture, it should hang 6-10” above it.
(This overrides rule no. 2)


Source: designchickee

How to plan a gallery wall
(the main event):


Getting Started:

If you have a favorite piece of art that you haven’t found a home for yet, use it as an anchor for your gallery wall. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or boldest piece on the wall, but it will serve
as a jumping-off point for the entire ensemble.

Picking art:
Fine art (from travels, local artists, originals)
Banners of your school or sports team
Quotes that speak to you (they are like smileys; one goes a long way)
Tactile art: Macrame, shadow box with sentimental items in it.
Frame your children’s art. A great way to round out your gallery wall using personal pieces.

Other ideas:

Family Recipe
Family Tartan or crest
Wall Sculptures

Choosing Colors:
Here are a few ways to come up with the color scheme:
Start out with black and white and add in color.
What colors do your favorite art pieces have?
Start with your statement (or anchor piece) and use that as a starting point.
Or multiple colors that you can create cohesion by framing all in a white mat and a thin frame.

Source: But First, Coffee Youtube



Pick a theme:
Show your passion! It doesn’t have to be complicated.
Use the same size of frame and make a theme of all your favorite family photos, a collection of travel photos, or all your favorite music as shown below!
Let your passion guide you!

Source: Nick Lewis: youtube.

Your favorite Port Moody breweries? (a little shameless self-promotion here).

Source: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/nancycarolstudio

What’s the vibe of the room?
Keep that feeling cohesive with your gallery wall.

Boho is more casual with multiple colors and shapes.
Found pieces, personal pieces, framed art mixed with non-framed e.g., Macramé, family crest, masks, travel souvenirs.

Source: Nick Lewis, youtube

Formal is the more consistent shape and frame with one theme…. family for example.

Funny and Informal, Classic and Formal.
These are all great ideas to create your unique gallery wall.

O.k. now you have your art pieces.

What about frames?
Remember to stick with your theme.

It could be:
Type (wood, metal)

for eg:
All white frames, but some are wood, some are metal.
frames are metal, but different colors
frames/artwork are different sizes and shapes but have the same theme
(Belize is my theme)......starting to make sense?
Try to pick one cohesive theme that connects them.

Where to buy:

IKEA – most inexpensive
Thrift Stores & Flea Markets – best for vintage frames
Michaels for all types of wood and metal
Michaels also does custom framing for reasonable prices
Amazon, buy in sets and save.
Mattshop.ca (buy in multiples of 6)

Arranging and Spacing:
O.k. let’s get started on preparing your artwork for the wall

1. Map out the dimensions of your wall on your floor.
2. Place your pieces how you would like to see them on your wall by shuffling them around on the floor.
This way, there is no commitment, and way easier than creating multiple holes in the wall!
Use columns while you are moving things around, giving it a sense of order.
3. Cut each frame to size with kraft paper or use painter’s tape to indicate where each art piece will hang on the wall.
Hang your anchor (largest)piece first, so you get an indication of how everything will fit around it.


Use command strips and save the nails.

It doesn’t need to be perfectly aligned, but try to get the top to align, this gives it a sense of place.

Get up on a chair and take a photo of your floor arrangement. This will give you a better idea of what it will look like on the wall.

Now replace your kraft paper with your art pieces and voila!

Stand back and be amazed!

I hope this has inspired you to create your own gallery wall at home.

If you are taking the plunge (to create a gallery wall, I mean), I would love to see what you created!

The bride,


Here's my gallery wall, maybe to inspire you?

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