My Epiphany as I look back at 2023

In the new year, most people look back and take stock of what they have accomplished, and what success looks like to them going forward.

To me it was a time of reflection. I was at a friends place recently, and we were catching up and the conversation eventually led to my art. I was sharing what I had accomplished, but also was questioning where my artistic yearnings came from.

As I was pondering this question, I started to realize that it was right there in front of me. I remember as a young girl my dad built a shop next to our garage, where he sharpened ice skates, machinery blades and knives with his industrial blade sharpening tool.

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

I even remember he made his own business cards. This was in the 70’s, so no internet, just word of mouth.

O.k. so that’s where my entrepreneurial spirit comes from.

But what about the creativity? Blade sharpening isn’t exactly creative.

That’s where Mom came in. She was a quilt maker. She would have all of her “girls” over and they would work on their big quilting projects, or she could be found in her sewing room, going at it all day long.

 Photo by Dinh Pham on Unsplash  


My passion is drawing, collage, and paint. Now I get it - one in the same, just different materials.

So if you are looking for why you are the way you are, you usually don’t need to search too far to find a common thread in loved ones. The thread is usually right under our noses.

Proudly, I can say these “yearnings” (both as a small business owner/entrepreneur and creative) have been passed down to me.

Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about small business and shopping local, because I know how difficult it must have been for Dad to get started and keep a viable business running.

So that’s my epiphany for this year - the format of my blog and newsletter now reflects what matters to me and my humble beginnings.

I will include a shout out of a local or small business. I love to share “finds” as my mother-in-law calls them, so you can enjoy them as well.

So that brings us the LOCAL SHOUT OUT portion of the show.


local shout out

 ANDES, 2727 Clarke St. Port Moody

Check out this place, open since June 2023, but it was the first time for Chris and I to notice it!

Manager and staff are incredibly down to earth and friendly.
And the Venezuelan arepas, tasty. Yummy.
Park on the side street or better yet walk.


my current favorite thing(s)

O.k. let's talk Netflix. I was becoming a little disillusioned with Netflix. Cause....always suggesting the same things...but that's another story.

I am happy to say, Chris and I are currently obsessed with Lincoln Lawyer.

Love the Mexican star of the show Manuel García-Rulfo Lapuente along with the other cast. Fantastic script writing, that's not to complicated, but not too over simplified. Usually I can figure out the storyline, but these have me stumped sometimes. Anyway, check it out, if you haven't already.... I'm always a sucker for a good show about truth and justice. :)


Thanks for hanging out with me! 

I look forward to “seeing” you in the next newsletter. Until then, stay safe, be kind to yourself and shop local when you can. 😊



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