Meet Nancy

Proudly Canadian, my husband and I have always called Canada home.

Although I was born and raised in Edmonton, and Chris in Vancouver, we managed to find each other and choose Port Moody B.C. as our home.

Anyone who knows me will say I've been known to sketch everywhere. Having a beer at the pub, sitting by the lake, hanging out in a coffee house, or just drawing the beautiful scenes right out on my outdoor patio at home.

I love where I live and I celebrate that by drawing and painting what I see around me, near the place I live and the places I visit in my home province.

Always adding new locations, but of course Port Moody is dear to my heart.


I have so many heartfelt and funny customer stories to share, but here are a few:

One customer who's husband actually helped build one of the Port Moody breweries, bought him a print of that brewery. "You guys, I just found the perfect Christmas gift!" she shouted to her friends at the craft show.

 Another customer told me she bought the White Rock Pier Print because her daughter and her now son-in-law were engaged on the pier and were to marry that year. OMG....she made me cry. :)

I could go on all day.....this is why I do this.

So many heartfelt stories, all because they saw something in the art that spoke to them. I love the feeling of sharing that local pride, and bringing a smile to their face, every time they walk by and see it on their walls.

I love to support my local communities, be it coffee shops, gift stores, restaurants or fellow local makers.  That's how communities thrive with pride!

If you like what you see...go ahead and shop here for your favorites.

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Artfully Yours,