Meet Nancy

Proudly Canadian, my husband and I have always called Canada home.

Although I was born and raised in Edmonton, and Chris in Vancouver, we managed to find each other and choose Port Moody B.C. as our home.

Anyone who knows me will say I've been known to sketch in odd places. Having a beer at the pub, sitting by the lake, driving home from the lake (only while I'm in the passenger seat, o.k.) or just drawing the coffee maker and beans at it done already!?. There is always something to capture with my pencil and sketch pad. 


Since opening my Etsy store in 2015 I've sold to my art locally and internationally.  From Vancouver, B.C to Puerto Rico, U.S.A to Dublin, Ireland. And one card was sent to the Republic of Malta! Whaaat? I know...crazy right?

I have so many heartfelt and funny customer stories.

One customer from the England reminisced of a wonderful time spent in Vancouver and wanted to gift his partner with a sweet reminder of that time with my Inukshuk Vancouver Christmas card. Or the customer who bought the Old-Fashioned Christmas card because this was THE special drink his Father-in-law made everyone for the holidays. A deployed soldier asked it I could write in the Your Package card and send it directly to her partner in the US. (~blushing~ uh yeah, of course I can!) And finally a boyfriend who after opening his Best Dog Dad card, sent me a pic of their beautiful dog smiling next to the card. Love that!

I could go on all day.....this is why I do this.

That's it. That's all there is. A reason to make someone smile,  laugh, or warm their heart.

That's my goal. 

Please. Take a look around, have a chuckle, crack a smile, maybe reminisce or appreciate the local flavor of Vancouver.....stock up and we'll see you on the other side.

Warm Regards,