Vancouver Lionsgate Bridge PRINT
Vancouver Lionsgate Bridge PRINT
Vancouver Lionsgate Bridge PRINT
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Vancouver Lionsgate Bridge PRINT

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The term "Lions Gate" refers to the Lions, a pair of mountain peaks north of Vancouver. Northbound traffic on the bridge heads in their general direction.

A pair of cast concrete lions,  were placed on either side of the south approach to the bridge in January 1939.

An illustration created from the perspective of Stanley Park, looking up to the bridge, finished with watercolor and ink medium.

Available as a card or print.


All Prints:
- printed on Contains 10% post-consumer recycled 100 lb card stock
- Acid Free, Elemental Chlorine Free and Archival
- measuring 8.5 X 11 inches (fits any 8.5" x 11" FRAME or 8x10 MATT opening).
- card stock backing to prevent bending
- protective plastic sleeve
- boxed and shipped with loving care by yours truly.

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