Small Business Saturday - Will You Support Them?

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Hello You,
With all the Black Friday sales at big box stores, I thought I would remind you to keep some money to spend on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY tomorrow.
The holidays are a perfect time to show your appreciation for them and help them survive during these crazy times. Who knows, you might find the perfect shop you never knew existed, right in your own backyard!
O.k. so you want to support your local business, but HOW do you do that?
So, after doing a little research, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that you may or may not have tried. All from the comfort of your home in your jammies….or whatever…no judging here.
Shopping online AND staying local is easier than you may think.
At first I was getting frustrated, but then I had a palm to face moment.
The key word here is FILTERS. Of course! Filter out only your neighborhood or use the term “near me” .

Type in “Local [type of store]” for example “local Italian bakery”.
Or use your city or town “[city] gift shops” like "Port Moody gift shops".
This will get you results for your neighborhood.
Make sure you email or call them first to make sure they are open. They may offer curbside pickup or free delivery.
Are you looking for trendy, handmade, personalized items? Then Etsy is a great option. I think you’ll find that shipping or pick up is really quick, dare I say it can rival Amazon? Most sellers are very accommodating, you just need to ask.
So, just type in what you are looking for into the search bar, then click All Filters.
Scroll down the bar on the left, until you get to shop location.
Click on CUSTOM then type in any city you like.
In this example I’ve used Vancouver.
Now I will see only Vancouver Sellers.
This can be a HUGE resource for a one stop shop for gifts for the holidays.  Just type your neighborhood or city in the search bar and type in “Christmas markets near me” or “gift shops near me”. Most offer free local pickup or curbside pickup.
Choose the groups with lots of members, as this is a better option for one stop shop.
Are you Canadian? Check this one out:

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. 
Just type in your city or neighborhood and see what comes up.
For example #portmoody #vancouver and you will get a lot of brick and mortar stores near you.

After clicking on their feed, look who they are following, and it will give you even more results to check out.

Again, most local stores now offer curbside pickup….so check out their website (link is usually in their bio) for details.

If you are still unsure of what to get that special someone, but you still want to buy local, a great alternative is to buy a gift cards from your favourite shop/restaurant/floral shop.
There’s an App for that.
Download the “Locally Obsessed” APP built by a Chilliwack entrepreneur featuring small businesses from all around the province of B.C. 
Go to google play , search for locally obsessed and install. Voila, local shopping.
Website - locals only
If you live in Canada, there is a one stop shop called Shop Local Canada.
This Ontario business supports makers from across Canada, all on one website.
They have gift guides if you are stuck for that hard to buy someone in your life as well as a discount club.


Now you know HOW you can find your local shops you need to tell all your friends and family!

If you need a break from your four walls, get your mask and take a walk around your neighborhood and seek out that local pizza joint or coffee shop that you would always drive by everyday on your way to work.

Not only will you find a new local shop to frequent, but it gives you a good feeling knowing you are supporting on of your own, and putting money back into your “hood”.


I would love to hear your ideas on how you support small business in your town.
Do you shop online for local shops?

Stay safe, be kind.
Your friendly neighborhood artist,

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